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Micron NAND Flash Shortages due to Apple's iPhone 8


Sep 20, 2017 8:32:00 AM

Micron NAND Flash Shortages due to Apple's iPhone 8. Due to the NAND Flash shortages, some suppliers will begin to shift their attention towards the industry’s newer and more advanced 96L flash storage products. Samsung, Toshiba and Micron Technology are currently transitioning to 64-layer 3D NAND Flash products, while SK Hynix plans to jump straight to supplying 72-layer 3D chips.
These changes are all expected to have a potentially beneficial effect on the productions of NAND Flash this year. As a result, their prices could start to fall as early as next year. However, the global supply of NAND flash chips is set to remain tight through the end of 2017.

Samsung Electronics (the global NAND flash market leader), Toshiba, Western Digital and SK Hynix are accelerating the development of these three-dimensional NAND flash chip technologies, which stack more memory cells than 2D chips while utilizing existing mass production facilities.

Analysts estimate that Apple buys up around 18% of the world supply of NAND chips, and that this percentage could increase significantly if the iPhone 8 is a success. Some analysts predict that iPhone 8 sales could hit 100M units this year. 

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EarthTron is THE Source for Micron and Cypress NAND Flash


Sep 13, 2017 1:39:42 PM

As many people are probably aware, Micron's Inotera plant suffered a major setback...
This has led to depleted inventory, allocation, and stretched out lead-times of 14 weeks - 26 weeks or the dreaded "unavailable to quote." While the Micron shortages are substantial it has also created a ripple effect on Cypress (formerly Spansion), Samsung, and SK Hynix Flash as well. This shortage leaves many OEM and EMS end users left with potential production stoppages, delays, and line down situations. Many supply chain professionals are compelled to go on treasure hunts looking for stock. Unfortunately there is no shortage of brokers that "show" stock and then either don't have it or seek to turn a quick profit by sourceing in the unvettedAsian marketplace. 
EarthTron's Advantage
OEM Surplus inventory has been a focal point for us for many years and utilizing our EPIC (Excess Placement and Inventory Control) sysytem we are able to crossmatch our OEM rfq with surplus. This leads to higher returns for OEMs on their excess and lower costs for end users sourcing allocated parts. Typically, our surplus parts are factory packaged and sealed and have traceability verifying they were sourced from the proper channels.
Even if you don't see any parts in your regular franchised distribution channels, contact us and we can help. Here is a list of some of the hottest and most allocated parts this week:
Cypress IC FLASH 4GBIT 25NS 48TSOP 14 weeks yes
Cypress IC FLASH 8GBIT 25NS 48TSOP 18 weeks yes
Cypress IC FLASH 4GBIT 25NS 48TSOP 14 weeks yes
S34ML08G201TFI000 Cypress IC FLASH 8GBIT 25NS 48TSOP 28 weeks yes
Micron IC FLASH 2GB E-MMC 25 weeks yes
Micron IC FLASH 4GBIT 63VFBGA 26 weeks 5K In Stock


Micron IC NOR FLASH 128MBIT 133MHZ 8SOIC 12 weeks yes
In Stock:
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eMMC NAND Flash In Stock! Micron MTFC8GACAANA-4M IT

Posted by Danielle Leger

Sep 11, 2017 7:20:49 PM

eMMC NAND Flash In Stock!
Manufactuer: Micron
Quantity: 157 Pieces
1732 Date Code
Original factory packaging and we will provide traceability.
In Stock
Call today! 1-800-322-2130
  • eMMC embedded memory combines a high-capacity NAND Flash memory device with a high-speed, MultiMediaCard (MMC) controller in a single BGA package.
  • eMMC is found in wide range of consumer, networking, industrial, and automotive applications


Automotive-qualified eMMC memory is ideal for navigation and infotainment applications, such as detailed 3D maps, traffic monitoring, car and satellite radio, voice recognition, and multimedia.


eMMC is a great solution for memory-hungry automotive applications.

Certain features have been integrated into eMMC architecture to meet automotive requirements:

  • an enhanced package with dedicated test-pads for failure analysis
  • non-controller-based access to the NAND for memory-bank testing
  • temperature range of –40°C to +85°C.


Click for Quote: Micron Memory


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Electronic Component Consignment is better with Earthtron

Posted by Danielle Leger

Sep 6, 2017 9:36:00 AM


In addition to our owned inventory, consignment, and virtual OEM excess we have access to every availability of qualified stock that is offered world-wide. We utilize our extensive database of approved suppliers to give us the edge in procuring the electronic components you need to finish your product. You no longer have to worry about a production stoppage due to lack of components. We enable you to forecast and build with no surprises.


Why EarthTron's Consignment Is The Best:

  • Sales team with 30 yrs combined experience
  • State of the art consignment program w/proven results
  • Marketing team to proactively promote excess & find end users
  • Earthtron home of EPIC: Excess Placement Inventory Control
  • Unique in-house software that cross-matches excess w/other companies requirement
  • Network reach of over 100,000 potential buyers 


EPIC (Excess Placement & Inventory Control)

Surplus electronic components supply chain management

With our extensive industry experience, the EPIC program, and vast database of worldwide OEM/CEM customers, EarthTron has the ability to get you the most for your excess inventory. 

  • EPIC cross-match system enables us to place your excess with the customers who value it most.

  • We can handle ALL of your needs from high-value returns to environmentally sound scrap recycling.

  • All our inventories are stored in our ESD compliant, environmentally controlled and secure facility.

  • We buy, consign, or "Hybrid" consign where you get cash up front while maintaining the higher returns achieved through a consignment agreement.

  • Whichever solution you choose with us, we will get you the highest return possible in the shortest time.


Are your excess electronics taking up valuable warehouse space? Use EarthTron's EPIC services to obtain the most for your electronic component surplus. Act now to receive the best value for your unused electronic components:


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Surplus Qualstar/N2 Power PSU for LED Lighting at 50% off

Posted by Danielle Leger

Sep 5, 2017 11:46:36 AM

Qualstar (N2Power) Power PSU 

N2Power is a leading design and manufacturer of high efficiency, ultra-small, power-dense power supplies. Our environmentally-friendly designs reduce energy consumption, generate less waste heat, and most models require little or no forced air cooling - yielding decreased AC loads and increased reliability and economy of operation. We offer numerous power solutions for a variety of products in the IT Equipment, Broadcast, Industrial, Kiosk, Gaming, LED Lighting systems and Test Equipment markets.


Advantages of N2Power Technology

  • Patented technology delivers more power in less space
  • "Green" by design - many of our supplies achieve up to 93% efficiency
  • Open frame power supplies are among the smallest AC-DC 125W to 500W units on the market
  • High efficiency means less loss of energy in the form of heat; hence higher MTBF and lower cooling costs
  • Extremely small volumetric size through state of the art packaging techniques, yielding power densities over 15 watts/cubic inch
  • Technical documentation, mechanical drawings and IGS files are available for power supplies - making it easier for our customers to incorporate them in their products 


EarthTron has 2,400 Units Surplus, with full traceability in factory packaging of the following PSU:

Model XL-375-48 SC S120 C Power S 90-305VAC in Constant Voltage w/Flying Leads 6”

Standard 3 Input – BLK, WHT & GRN

2 Output and 1 - 12V/1A AUX for Fan

We can supply these parts in volume at 50% of the Distribution colume price, $88.50/unit FOB NH.

Spec Sheet


The advantages provide OEM designers with valuable extra "real estate" for increased functionality while reducing thermal loads, cooling requirements, and lowering operating costs. Frequently, these reductions make convection cooling sufficient, eliminating the cost and noise of fans. 

Miniaturization and efficiency are not our only claims to fame. Application-specific needs with features such as:

  • Single and multi-output models
  • Active current sharing for use in N, N+1 configurations
  • I2C (PMBus™) interface for digital power management
  • Remote on/off
  • Customization to meet your specific requirements


In the last few years, power supply unit requirements have become increasingly industry-specific. The transportation industry required DIN rail-mounted supplies; the medical industry adopted special certification requirements; and so on. PSU enable solutions for:

  • Information Technology equipment
  • Transportation equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Gaming equipment
  • Industrial (high power) equipment


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Surplus GP450LAH NiMH Rechargeable Batteries 75% Off Distribution Pricing

Posted by Liz Callahan

Aug 31, 2017 4:35:00 PM

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FPGA Wins For Microsoft AI Applications

Posted by Danielle Leger

Aug 29, 2017 2:24:36 PM

Microsoft is one of the largest end-user of FPGAs for datacenter applications, accelerating a wide space of their massive computing infrastructure and applications on Bing and Azure. To demonstrate their resulting prowess, Microsoft unveiled Project Brainwave, a scalable acceleration platform for deep learning, which can provide real time responses for cloud-based AI services.  

The Microsoft Brainwave mezzanine card extends each server with an Intel Altera Stratix 10 FPGA accelerator, synthesized to act as a “Soft DNN Processing Unit,” or DPU, and a fabric interconnect that enables datacenter-scale persistent neural networks.

Microsoft’s Project Brainwave consists of three components:

1. A high-performance systems architecture that pools accelerators for datacenter-wide services and scale. By linking their accelerators across a high bandwidth, low-latency fabric, Microsoft can dynamically allocate these resources to optimize their utilization while keeping latencies very low.

2.  A “soft” DNN processor (DPU) that is programmed, or synthesized, on Altera FPGAs. 
3. A compiler and run-time environment to support efficient deployment of trained neural network models using CNTK, Microsoft’s DNN platform. 
Access Our Special  FPGA Price List

A fully custom chip, or ASIC, can give companies like Google a very fast machine learning accelerator at lower per-unit costs, but the development process can be cost-prohibitive, lengthy, and result in a fixed function chip, impeding one’s ability to quickly adapt silicon implementations as algorithms evolve. Microsoft pointed to this tradeoff in their announcement as a primary driver for their FPGA-based strategy. By using an FPGA instead of an ASIC for their “soft” DPU, Microsoft believes it can better optimize their hardware for their software at lower cost and with greater flexibility over time.

A great example of the advantage of FPGAs in machine learning is the ability to customize the level of precision required for a particular layer in a deep neural network. With an FPGA, a neural net designer could model each layer in the net with the optimal number of bits, which can have a significant impact on performance and efficiency.

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Micron and other Excess Components from EarthTron

Posted by Jason Miles

Aug 25, 2017 12:32:22 AM


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Xilinx FPGA In Stock and Ships Today: XC2V1500-4FG676C, XC3S1000-4FT256C and XCF04SV020C

Posted by Danielle Leger

Aug 24, 2017 12:04:24 PM



Part: XC2V1500-4FG676C

Quantity:  2,555 pieces

Description: IC FPGA 392 I/O 676FBGA










Part: XC3S1000-4FT256C

Quantity:  138 pieces

Description: IC FPGA 173 I/O 256FTBGA
























Part: XCF04SV020C 

Quantity:  153 pieces

Description: Serial EEPROM, 20 Pin, Plastic, TSSOP

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Linear Tech In Stock and Ships Today: LTC5507ES6, LTC485IS8#TRPBF and LTC3728EG#TR

Posted by Danielle Leger

Aug 21, 2017 1:31:59 PM


ManufacturerLinear Technology

Part: LTC5507ES6

Quantity:  633 pieces

Product Category: RF Detectors

Description: IC DETEC RF 100KHZ-1GHZ TSOT23-6






ManufacturerLinear Technology

Part: LTC485IS8#TRPBF 

Quantity: 3,734 pieces Interface

Product Category: 

Interface - Drivers, Receivers, Transceivers






Manufacturer: Linear Tech

Part: LTC3728EG#TR 

Quantity: 904 pieces

Product Category: PMIC - Voltage Regulators - DC DC Switching Controllers



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