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4 Benefits of Working with an Unlimited Franchised Distributor

Posted by Nadeesha Thewarapperuma

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Apr 4, 2016 10:02:15 AM

     Many purchasing agents are reluctant to stray from the norm. They purchase from traditional sources - like Avnet or Digikey - and only turn to an independent distributor when there aren't any other options. The most common scenarios include:

1) The part has been marked as EOL or obsolete, and the franchised distributor no longer carries any stock.

2) The part is available on a long lead-time through the franchised distributor, but the purchasing agent needs the part immediately.

     Fortunately, there's a middle ground between each option. Rely on an unlimited franchised distributor.

     What is an unlimited franchised distributor?

1) An unlimited franchised distributor (UFD) is not limited to the lines they are franchised for. They have the ability to sell other lines, and they can offer significant savings on these product lines.

     EarthTron is franchised for several product lines including Bomar Crystal and Transcend Micro SD cards. These are some other lines that EarthTron works with:

  • Altera FPGA
  • Xilinx FPGA
Check out our FPGA product list. We are able to offer savings of at least 15% off list prices.Access Our Special FPGA Price List
  • Micron
We currently have stock of Micron MT47H512M8WTR-25E:C. This part has limited stock through franchised sources.
  • Sandisk

2) UFDs have been in the component business for a number of years, meaning they have had plenty of time to establish a solid reputation.

What are your distributor's industry-level certifications? EarthTron's credibility includes a membership with ERAI, D&B listed, and JEDEC. EarthTron was also named to Inc 500|5000's list of fastest growing companies.


Recently, EarthTron added a new certification to their site: GIDEP


3) If a franchised distributor does not have stock of an electronic component, they will also turn to a UFD.

This is payment for a recent transaction between EarthTron and a traditional distributor.check_from_franchised_distributor     Following a query through our orders database, we noticed that we had several other distributors who are included as franchised distributors in the ECIA Authorized list.

4) Plus, there's an added benefit to working with a UFD. A UFD can handle both sides of the supply chain. They are adapt at fulfilling any requirements and efficient at moving excess.EarthTron's EPIC program offers two distinct excess options.

  • Consignment. This options offers the most for your excess. Following a sale, the profit is split 50/50 between the original OEM and the UFD.
  • Out-right buy. The UFD takes the stock off your hands.
Learn more about what an unlimited franchised distributor can do for you. Click here to visit our homepage and talk via Live Chat.

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