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4 Steps to take when Buying Obsolete Electronic Components

Posted by John Pallazola

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May 15, 2015 12:35:57 PM

     There are bad people in this world. There are people who scheme and plot to expose a weakness or vulnerability of someone in a desperate situation in order to gain maximum benefit for themselves. Counterfeiters are such people. When it comes to buying obsolete electronic components all the ingredients exist for these surreptitious endeavors.

     Start with the motivation:  parts that have a high resale value provide the biggest potential profit.        

     Add opportunity:  obsolete parts, by definition, are no longer available through the regular authorized channels.

       This compels purchasing agents to step outside the normal supply channels to source these obsolete FPGA.  So, what happens when you have an expensive obsolete FPGA? It’s the perfect setup for the bad guys to make their move.


Here are Four Golden Rules to follow when you are going to buy obsolete Xilinx FPGA or obsolete Altera FPGA


Trustworthiness: This is a great place to start. Who is the company offering you the parts? Assuming you are outside of the franchised channels you are likely to be dealing with a broker or Unlimited Franchised distributor. Unlimited Franchised distributors are franchised for manufacturers but not limited to just those. They should be a member of ERAI (Electronic Resellers Association) and otherwise notably accredited. They should not be asking you to wire funds in advance or other unreasonable terms.


Traceability:  How do you know where these parts are coming from? Factory packaging, factory trays, COC, original invoices. All of these add layers of difficulty for the scammers and make it less likely that you will get taken. Counterfeits frequently will have a story about why the original packaging was lost, and they will not have COC or traceability.


Testing: When in doubt, TEST! FPGA testing is neither easy nor inexpensive. However, a legitimate reseller should be able to provide test reports when necessary and prudent They typically can take in parts and test a 10-15% sampling with a 1-2 day turnaround while providing robust reports that can verify authenticity and put you at ease.


Tangibility: Are the parts real? Your obsolete FPGA vendor should be able to provide you tangible details like quantity, datecodes, pricing, and photographs of real stock. You know you are in trouble when parts are “overseas, 1-2 weeks away, with a moving quantity that seems to rise with your demand be very leery.  


EarthTron LLC is an Inc 5000 listed company that specializes in current production and obsolete Xilinx FPGA and obsolete Altera FPGA, as well as re-selling your verifiable factory original inventories. These are some our our accreditations.


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