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4 Uses for FPGA in OEM Applications

Posted by Nadeesha Thewarapperuma

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Nov 1, 2016 11:00:00 AM



1) Machine to machine communication

In large scale factories, OEMs rely on machine vision applications to build their products. These machines use vision-based systems to identify a familiar object and complete whatever task was pre-programmed into its memory. The vision-based system can also be used to detect any deviations on the assembly line.

Think of robotic arms on a vehicle assembly line.


2) Image processing applications

Image processing applications are used along an assembly line to identify, predict, and detect jams. Image processing applications are also equipped into mobile robots. Whenever they move around the factory floor, the image processing system will make sure the robot is on the correct path and detect any obstacles on its path.


3) Sensors

Sensors are used to detect any changes within an industrial setting.

i) Pressure sensors. One example: these are used in modern traffic light systems. Whenever the pressure system detects a vehicle's weight, it sends an alert.

ii) Radiation sensors. Alpha, beta, gamma rays can be detected using these types of sensors.

iii) Level sensors. Used to monitor liquid levels in a container or a tank.


3) Actuators

Once an electric signal is received from a sensor, an actuator is used to move or control a machine. The movement is dependent on the original signal received.


4) IoT Gateways

M2M Gateways are used to connect this entire system together. The system contains the product, the sensors used to detect changes in the environment, and the actuators that are used to act upon this change. The M2M Gateway links the system together and stores data collected from the factory floor.


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