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5 Critical Uses for FPGA in Defense Systems

Posted by Nadeesha Thewarapperuma

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Nov 14, 2016 10:07:48 AM



This is the final segment in a series of blogs that looks at FPGA-based applications and products.

In a previous article titled, A Countdown of the 5 Coolest FPGA Applications, we explored some cool end-products that rely on FPGA.

FPGA are used to power defense-related products.

Military-grade FPGA are used within the defense industry. These are some of the applications that rely on them.


1) High-speed data processing systems

FPGA can be used to speed-up the rate at which data are processed. The keyword here is speed-up, especially since most of these applications are critical to national defense.


2) Electronic warfare systems

 The electromagnetic spectrum is used to impede opponents and allow allies unimpeded access to the EM spectrum. Applications include using electronic signals to gather intelligence and using a radar warning receiver to detect radio emissions.


3) Tactical Communication Systems

The best way to prevent electronic warfare. FPGA are used to encrypt all transmissions that are sent through a radio, telephone and an Internet-based medium.


4) Radar Systems

FPGA are used in radar scan converter systems to transform range-azimuth onto an x-y coordinate plan. The conversion is used to display data points on a 2d screen. In systems where millions of data points will need to be converted, speed is preferred over accuracy.

The systems can be used to track a moving target. Real-time points will be displayed prominently while older points will be faded. The user can still plot an accurate path using the historical data


5) Sensor and control systems

Sensors are used to gain input into the system. The control system initiates a response to match the input.


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