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5 Intriguing Uses of FPGA in Green Technology

Posted by Nadeesha Thewarapperuma

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Oct 11, 2016 11:00:00 AM


     Part of EarthTron's new blog series. We're exploring places where FPGA are being used. Some applications may come as a surprise to you.


1) Water and air quality monitoring systems

    FPGA-based systems are used to remotely measure water and air quality in polluted areas. A number of variables are measured in a water monitoring system, and these variables include the water's pH level. FPGA-based sensor systems collect the values and remotely sends the data to a processing center.

     The same situation applies for air quality monitoring.

     FPGA use less power and are less costly to maintain. This makes them an ideal choice for sensor-based systems.


2) Water treatment systems

     Electromagnetic waves are used to break down lime scale deposits in the water and prevents oxidation and rust on water piping systems. These systems are powered using FPGA.


3) Pollution control

     The same principle behind water and air quality monitoring applies here as well. Pollution control systems will also use a sensor-based FPGA technology to detect toxic gases. These systems are installed in vehicles to meet stringent vehicle air emissions standards. The systems are also installed in urban areas and are used to monitor the air quality and issue warnings if needed.


4) Wind Energy

     FPGA-based sensor systems are used to monitor wind conditions. Based on the input received, certain algorithms are initiated. FPGA are also used to monitor the interaction between the turbines and the power grid, keeping power flowing smoothly into the grid.


5) Solar Charge Systems

     FPGA are also used in solar panels, specifically industrial-sized ones. The FPGA sensor system measures the quality of sunlight and shifts, rotates or adjusts itself into a position that receives the most sunshine.


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