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5 Reasons to Source your BOM through EarthTron

Posted by Nadeesha Thewarapperuma

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Oct 1, 2014 1:21:00 PM


marketing_and_distribution     As an unlimited franchised distributor, EarthTron can source your Bill of Materials (BOM) for you more efficiently and with a cost savings.

     This side-by-side comparison of total costs (and savings) is an example of our services. The manufacturer on the right built their product using components sourced through EarthTron. The manufacturer on the left used parts obtained from a traditional massive franchised distributor.


  Part Number

 Franchised      Distributor

   Their Price

 EarthTron's  Price













   MT47H128M8HV-3 IT:G




















   Total Costs





     By using EarthTron, the OEM on the right saved $488.32/unit on this BOM. If the OEM builds fifty units per build and does 1 run per quarter, the overall savings annually would total $97,664!


     Unlike a traditional franchised distributor who is typically limited to distribute products they are franchised for, EarthTron is franchised for some lines but still has the ability to sell other manufacturers. EarthTron is not bound by the same pricing schemes as the traditional franchised distributor and can offer authentic parts for far below the pricing that other distributors do. There are several reasons why you should build your next product with the help of an unlimited franchised distributor.


product assembly1) Cost-effective

     We will use our many suppliers to obtain the best prices, allowing you to save hundreds off your manufacturing costs. If you have multiple builds over the course of the year, you can save thousands of dollars on the manufacturing costs. If your parts are in stock and available for immediate shipment, you can even avoid lengthy lead times. Our inventory includes excess supplied by other OEMs. We use this to cross reference the needs of our other suppliers. Whenever possible, we draw from this supply. Our volume buying power enables us to receive price breaks not normally available through a franchised distributor.


2) Ease-of-Use

     It's easy. You don't need to send purchase orders to five different suppliers just so you can obtain a discount. Sit back and relax. We will do the work for you. Once we receive a copy of your build, our purchasing team will source authentic parts at the best value. Some of our customers include standard pricing lists with the BOM and direct us to quote only if can meet a minimum savings measure. We can offer just the items that provide maximum savings or kit your entire build. The choice is yours.



3) Trustworthiness

     While the price may sound enticing, some consumers are reluctant to purchase from a non-traditional franchised distributor. Fortunately, there are several features which reveal the company's credibility.


  • Certifications: EarthTron's credibility includes an ERAI membership, D&B listed, and a JEDEC membership. Recently, EarthTron was included as a part of Inc 500|5000's list of fastest growing companies. 



  • Industry knowledge: Reputable vendors should be franchised for some production lines. If a manufacturer has trusted the company with the marketing and distribution of their product, it shows that the company has clout within the electronics industry. Currently, EarthTron is a franchised distributor for Veritas Light high speed lighting systems and Bomar Crystal.



bom4) One consolidated shipping charge

     Are you using multiple suppliers to build your OEM? Are your parts being shipped out as stock becomes available? EarthTron will ship your build as one consolidated shipment, allowing you to significantly cut down on expenses.



5) Kitting Services

     Use EarthTron's Kitting Services to learn more about the status of your BOM. You will have information about the product assembly, including parts received, parts on order, and parts in stock through EarthTron's VMI warehousing facility. EarthTron will offer you a personalized product management service. We will alert you regarding any changes in your order, allowing you to accurately forecast your production.


     Here's how it works. Send us a copy of your build with your stand on pricing. We realize your time is valuable, so we'll pledge to quote you only on items where we can save the minimum requested. 


Save on your BOM


     We will respond to your request as soon as possible. You can dictate the savings you are looking for. For example, you may decide to follow through only if you save at least X percent. 

     Cost savings, kitting, consolisated shipments, and unparalleled ease of use will save you time, money, and headaches. Just click above to check it out.


About EarthTron LLC

As an unlimited franchised distributor of electronics, EarthTron continues to expand the use of the word
“unlimited.” EarthTron consists of three specialized divisions:

Electronics supply chain management
FPGABuy, which focuses on Altera and Xilinx Distribution
Marketing and distribution of franchised lines

EarthTron, located in Portsmouth, NH, is an Inc.500|500company.


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