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Xilinx's new Product Line: Kintex Ultrascale and Virtex Ultrascale

Posted by Nadeesha Thewarapperuma

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Feb 25, 2016 3:02:50 PM


     Xilinx's new Ultrascale and Ultrascale + product line offers increased system performance, reduced FPGA BOM cost, and reduced FPGA power use. The product line includes the Kintex Ultrascale /Ultrascale+, Virtex Ultrascale /Ultrascale+, and Zynq Ultrascale+.

     The UltraScale+ portfolio is suited for applications in telecommunications, especially LTE Advanced and early 5G wireless, Cloud Computing, Industrial Internet-of-things (IoT), Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in Automotive applications, and Video/Vision markets.

Automotive ADAS Applications:

    Traditional driver assistance applications include blind-spot detection, lane-change assistance, and collision warnings. With ADAS, car manufacturers are looking to introduce computer learning to the system. The system will be able to respond to hazards, including accidents, route detours, and delays. It'll be able to recognize emergency vehicles, detect pedestrians, and take note of changing speed limits. Furthermore, in busy streets the system will need to navigate through tough traffic situations and plan a safe route to the pre-planned destination.

Video/Vision Markets

      Advanced video/vision-based applications are related to ADAS systems. To make sure the ADAS system responds efficiently, outside images and visuals need to be analyzed and processed in real-time.

5G Wireless

     5G Wireless should be available by the 2020s. The technology will boast higher speeds and will allow for the Internet of Things and connections within it.

     On January 28, 2016, Xilinx shipped the first Virtex Ultrascale+ product to a customer. So far, Xilinx is working with over one-hundred companies on Ultrascale+ and Ultrascale products. The benefits of using the new product line includes:

1) An increase in I/O bandwidth

2) An increase in data flow and routing

3) ASIC-like clocking

4) Fast DSP processing

5) Reduced power usage

6) An increase in system productivity

     One of the main drawbacks of using Ultrascale is that stock is limited and it's hard to buy Xilinx Ultrascale products. The Ultrascale product line is relatively new and each FPGA is accompanied by a similarly high price tag. If you are looking for any Ultrascale products, let us know. EarthTron can supply authentic Xilinx Ultrascale products for at least 15% off their list price. Currently, we have excess Kintex Ultrascale products on hand.


    Send us RFQ for more details on pricing. As always, volume discounts are available.



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