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How Apple is Advancing Augmented Reality Technology

Posted by Jason Miles

Aug 3, 2017 8:21:07 AM


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During the recent coverage of Apple's Quarter 3 performance, CEO Tim Cook began by highlighting the need for "richer and more powerful maps." and Apple is keeping its promises. The company is now looking to hire 70 new mapping technology experts.

Based on the jobs openings, Apple is currently looking for experts in:

  • Geospatial information services
  • Navigational aids
  • Fleet Management

There are several reasons behind this sudden interest in mapping experts.

1) Apple Maps. . Apple Maps is not as widely known or as well received as the highly popular Google Maps, but Apple is looking to change that. 

2) Augmented reality (AR) is the next big thing, and Apple wants in. The most popular example of an AR application is PokemonGo. The game relies heavily on location-based services, and to offer other AR-based applications, Apple needs to polish up its mapping services.

3) Self-driving vehicles. The market for autonomous vehicles already has a number of major players - in fact Apple is one of the biggest players. The industry is competitive, and within the past two years, there have been major developments. And it's not just the technology - alliances and partnerships have been formed to share the information and technology. Think of Tesla partnering with Nvidia. BMW and Intel. Intel taking over mapping-technology company, Mobileye. Intel's acquisition of FPGA-maker, Altera.

The company that makes the first breakthrough is set to dominate the market, and all of these major players (Intel, Apple, Nvidia, Tesla, BMW) are in on the race.

Apple is also investing in drones.

Apple updates its mapping service, Apple Maps, on a daily-basis. To keep this information up-to-date, Apple plans on using drones to monitor street signs, track road changes, and monitor construction sites. Apple has already applied for and been approved for a Federal Aviation Administration exemption which allows the company to operate an unmanned craft to collect data, photos, and videos.


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