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Apple's iPhone 8 is Built with These Electronic Components

Posted by John Pallazola

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Jul 6, 2017 9:41:34 AM

The iPhone 8 is expected to be released later this year, but Apple suppliers have to speed up production months in advance to secure the millions of parts necessary to build the new iPhone 8.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC) began mass production of the Apple A11 SoC, which will power the 2017 iPhones, earlier this spring.


The chip inside the iPhone 7 is the Apple A10 Fusion, which includes two high-power cores and two lower-power cores. The design of the A11 chip is unknown but the report says it is fabricated using a 10 nanometer process. The A11 technology is destined to be included in the new OLED iPhone 8, as well as the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus updates, expected to come out in the fall. 

The iPhone 7 Logic Board Is Made Up Of: 

  • Apple A10 Fusion APL1W24 SoC + Samsung 3 GB LPDDR4 RAM (as denoted by the markings K3RG4G40MM-YGCH) Currently, the A10’s speed in the iPhone 7 already outstrips the rest of the smartphone industry in single-core performance. 
  • Qualcomm MDM9645M LTE Cat. 12 Modem
  • Skyworks 78100-20
  • Avago AFEM-8065 Power Amplifier Module
  • Avago AFEM-8055 Power Amplifier Module
  • Universal Scientific Industrial O1 X4
  • Bosch Sensortec BMP280 Barometric Pressure Sensor
  • Toshiba THGBX6T0T8LLFXF 128 GB NAND Flash


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Electronic Components In The iPhone8:

  • Samsung’s non-memory chip unit System LSI will supply display driver IC, the display chip for the OLED screen.
  • STEMCO and LG Innotek will provide the chip on films that connect it to the printed circuit board.
  • The flexible printed circuit board will be provided by Interflex, BH and Samsung Electro-Mechanics. 

TSMC exclusively manufactures the Apple A10 SoC and is expected to be the only supplier of the A11 chip as well. The A10 chip is fabricated at 16nm so a reduction to 10nm for the A11 already shows that a major upgrade is in the making. Lower nanometers means better efficiency and better performance as there is simply less space between transistors, which enables the chip to reach higher clock speeds. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 1.32.37 PM.png

The iPhone 8 is going to be a major upgrade over the iPhone 7 with a bezel-less glass, larger OLED display with fingerprint sensor integrated into the display, 3D front camera, wireless charging and more.


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