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Authorized Marketplace for Buying and Selling Discount MicroSD

Posted by Nadeesha Thewarapperuma

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Mar 14, 2016 1:57:00 PM


     Currently, Micro SD cards allow for additional storage in mobile electronic devices. The lastest Sandisk Micro SD card boasts a speed that is three times faster than the previous generation. The Extreme Pro microSDXC UHS-II card reads data at 275 MB per second, allowing for the faster transfer of massive files.

     Phone manufacturers are inserting MicroSD card slots for additional storage. For instance, with a Micro SD, the Galaxy S7 allows for an additional 200 GB of storage.

     Micro SD cards can not only be used for storage. The SD Association, a non-profit that sets industry standards, believes the cards can also be used to:

1) Improve security. Once an SD card is in place, a security code can be generated to enable secure mobile transactions. This means that older mobile phones can also be used to complete transactions.

2) Allow for connection to the Internet of Things (IoT)

3) Serve as a mobile payments platform. A SmartSD security code is generated to enable this.     If you are looking for discount MicroSD or surplus Micro SD from an authorized channel, consider EarthTron as your marketplace for buying and selling MicroSD cards.

     We only deal with OEM excess so we are able to offer:

1) A discount of at least 15% off list prices.

2) Access to discountinued product lines, allowing for specific end-product replacements.

3) As an Inc 500|5000 company, we have over eight years of experience in the industry.

     Currently, we have stock of 120,000 Sandisk Surplus MSD 2GB SDSDQ-2048. If you are interested, contact jason.miles@earthtron. We can offer 120 piece trays at $6 per piece or 1200 packages at $4 per piece.
Click for RFQ on SDSDQ-2048
    We are also looking for excess of the following:Sandisk Micro SD SDCFJ-512-388.

This is a 512 MB SanDisk Compact Flash. Sandisk Micro SD SDSDQAB-016G.

And 300 to 500 pieces of 512 MB Sandisk SDCFJ-512-388.



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