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The Best Way to Avoid a Lead Time on your Altera and Xilinx FPGA

Posted by Nadeesha Thewarapperuma

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Jun 22, 2015 1:50:00 PM

      While Bob is a fictional character, he represents an actual client that relies on an unlimited franchised distributor.
      These purchasing agents used to rely on a traditional franchised distributor for their electronic components but were compelled to consider other more viable options. There are several reasons behind this shift in attitude.


1) There was a line down, and the parts were allocated and/or only available on lead time through a traditional franchised reseller. This is not a feasible option, especially for OEM or CEM who have clients waiting for finished products which rely upon their FPGA being delivered in order to complete the order.

2) Unless you purchase a large quantity, there is no discount on your parts. The tiered pricing scheme is in place to benefit large quantity orders only. Companies that are looking to purchase a smaller quantity, replacement parts, or prototype parts are forced to pay the full price.

3) The parts were obsolete electronic components, and they were no longer stocked through a traditional franchised distributor.

Learn more about buying obsolete electronic components.




What are some other benefits of relying on an unlimited franchised distributor?

1) The parts are OEM surplus in original factory packaging.

2) Discounts include up to 50% off list prices.

3) There are no lead times.


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EarthTron LLC is franchised for several lines, including Bomar Crystals, Ocean Manufacturing, and Veritas Light. As an unlimited franchised distributor, EarthTron is not necessarily limited to these lines and has the ability to sell other electronic components as well.

We specialize in Altera FPGA and Xilinx FPGA.

We also offer customers the option of sourcing their BOM through us. Our kitting services let you keep track of your order, letting you know which parts are received and on order. Once your BOM is complete, we can ship it via one consolidated shipping charge.

Click here to learn more about our quality control process and the steps that we take to keep sub-standard and counterfeit electronic components from entering our supply chain.



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