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Companies Rely on Trimble Products to Keep Track of Fleet Vehicles

Posted by Nadeesha Thewarapperuma

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Feb 29, 2016 10:22:42 AM


     Driver assistance systems include many features. In today's vehicles, this applies to several basic but valuable features. Lane-change assistance. Blind-spot warnings. And collision warnings. This is the more 'glamorous' side of driver assistance systems.

     Driver assistance systems can also be applied to a corporate setting, primarily for companies that rely on fleet vehicles and mobile employees. Examples include FedEx, UPS, and other logistic companies. Trimble's product line offers a number of practical solutions. Companies need to keep track of where each fleet vehicle is, allowing them to effectively predict, schedule and respond in real-time. With Trimble technology, companies have the ability to do the following:

  • Keep track of each fleet vehicle and determine where it is in real-time.
     Minimize idle times to reduce depreciation costs. Determine the location of each vehicle and account for any delays.
  • Allow for dynamic work schedules to ensure productivity.
     Schedules can be easily modified so that vehicle delays can be taken into account. Dynamic scheduling allows companies to take each delay into account, determine how it will effect business, and notify customers.
  • Monitor driver performance in real-time.
     Risky driver behavior can be identified so that employees are trained to drive safer.
  • Allows for remote work assignments.

     Select the best worker for any assignment depending on work experience, location, and availability.

     Allows for remote teams to collaborate and share details.

  • Enable job information to be captured on the work field.

     Photos of the work site can be easily captured, allowing project supervisors and customers to see how the work is progressing.

     Buying Trimble products can be difficult. The parts are very specialized so it can be hard finding a reliable supply source. Plus Trimble prices can vary depending on demand, obsolescence, and availability. One source for buying Trimble parts is EarthTron LLC. EarthTron LLC is located in Portsmouth, NH.

     Our Trimble parts are sourced as OEM excess from large corporations that have leftover excess. We are able to obtain the parts a reduced cost and can offer better savings off list prices. We guarantee at least 15% off list prices for most Trimble products.

     Looking for a Trimble part? Check our list of offers to see stock or availability. Even if you don't find the part, send us a RFQ anyway. We receive regular excess lists from our suppliers.

Find a Trimble Part     Here's a list of our most popular Trimble parts:





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