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Creative Uses for Intelligent Lighting Systems

Posted by Nadeesha Thewarapperuma

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Sep 24, 2014 1:20:00 PM

digital lighting systems      A 2013 report by Freedonia estimates that the global demand for LED lighting systems will grow by 12.3 percent annually until the year 2016. The growth will be propelled by a shift from incandescent lights to more efficient and affordable LED lights or other high efficiency lighting sources.


     In addition to significant energy savings, LED lights offer additional benefits. They don't produce as much heat, last longer, and require minimum maintenance. While the lights are popular in everyday setting such as your home or workplace, these are other creative uses for LED lighting systems.


     LED lighting systems can also be defined as smart lighting systems. Smart lighting systems are able to work in conjunction with other equipment. For instance, Veritas Light high speed lighting systems are used with high speed cameras to produce slow motion movie scenes. High speed video lighting does not produce as much heat, meaning the object being filmed does not melt or warp. The lights are ideal for filming tabletop high speed videography, an effect that is more popular in food commercials. The slow motion free fall of edible items is used to highlight the texture of the food. 

     Intelligent Lighting Systems in Use

     LED lighting systems are used for "City Beautification." In an effort to promote tourism, many cities have resorted to using LED lights to highlight a given city's attractions, historical places, or key landmarks. Philips LED lighting systems have been used in major cities throughout the world. This includes the Chelsea Bridge in London, the Church of Lima in Peru, and the Coloseum in Hong Kong. In Ostersund, Sweden, the lights were structured around a local landmark to represent the Northern Lights. Even the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge uses Philips Color Kinetics LED. LED lights allow the colors to be changed and to create special effects including shadows, color wall washing, and certain ambiences.

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     The concept of ambience is particularly important in hospital rooms. By using intelligent lighting systems, hospital staff can control a room's colors, influencing a patient's mood and well-being. Philips LED lights are used together with the tools AmbiScene and LED-Wallwasher. Both tools can be used to scan the room and communicate a patient's receptiveness to the room's color scheme. This application will also be used in hotels, offices, restaurants, and bars in order to control the room's mood and ambience.


     As part of its Smart Island Strategy, Aruba plans to use only sustainable energy by the year 2020. A recent partnership with Aruba and Philips will allow the island to use LED lights throughout all public places, significantly cutting back on expenses, reducing energy usage, and reducing carbon emissions.


high speed lighting     Philips LED lights have also been used to light the Times Square New Year's Eve Ball. Philips lights have been used to decorate the ball since the year 2000.


     A fairly new but growing industry is LED lighting for horticulture. A new product being developed by EarthTronBudZLight, is an intelligent lighting system optimized for specific plant cultivation.


     LED lights can also be labeled as intelligent lighting systems. Most of the applications mentioned in this post are intelligent lighting systems. The word 'intelligent' signifies that the lights will respond to changes in the environment. This allows the control process to be automated, reducing human input and significantly cutting back on expenses. 


     Veritas Light intelligent lighting systems are available for sale through EarthTron. Product demos can be requested.

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high speed camera lighting machine vision products