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EarthTron's Electronic Component Warehouse Services

Posted by Danielle Leger

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Oct 2, 2017 9:32:00 AM

EarthTron's Warehousing Facility


warehouse.pngEarthtron offers comprehensive solutions and services for kitting, Warehousing Services, sourcing, and distribution of products. There are a many advantages that businesses can realize by outsourcing their supply chain management and logistics needs to a value-added third party logistics provider.

Located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire EarthTron's warehouse is a 60,000 cu. ft. facility which is ESD Compliant, environmentally controlled, and secure. We aim to provide operational expertise in order to manage inventory and reduce waste of time and product.



By storing your electronic parts and components in our warehouse, you are able to:

Save Warehouse Space
Additional Real Estate on the production floor is always at a premium and eliminating the need for at least some racks and secure cages frees up room for production. 
Outsourcing your logistics leaves you to focus on other important aspects of your business. You simply send your customers’ orders to us, and we will dispatch them for you. At the end of the billing period, you receive one consolidated invoice for the services used, which usually comprises a “rent” that is based upon the volume of space you are occupying.
From simple things such as labelling and barcoding your products through to trading electronically with larger retailers, our experience and access to the latest technologies will allow you to stay organized.

Compliance, Tracking, and Recording

EarthTron offers a stable, predictable, and reliable solution to Inventory Control challenges. 

As of March 2008, every part that enters EarthTron's VMI or stocking warehouse has been bar-coded and a representative photograph of each lot will be stored in our database along with the receiving info.

These processes increase reliability and put us on the leading edge in these areas. We have strict buying and receiving guidelines that enable us to filter out sub-standard product and prevent it from contaminating your supply chain. All our inventories are stored in our ESD compliant, environmentally controlled and secure facility. 

Interested in outsourcing your supply chain management and logistics needs to Earthtron? Click below:
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EarthTron LLC is an Unlimited Franchised Distributor of Electronic Components and Products. We provide customers with services not available from a restricted Franchised Distributor. Our experience in the industry gives you the confidence that we only source from quality suppliers, to deliver quality parts. EarthTron is located in Portsmouth, NH and specializes in FPGA and many other lines.

 Contact EarthTron LLC  
Call us: 1-800-322-2130
EarthTron, located in Portsmouth, NH, is an Inc.500|5000 company.




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