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Electronic Component Consignment is better with Earthtron

Posted by Danielle Leger

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Sep 6, 2017 9:36:00 AM


In addition to our owned inventory, consignment, and virtual OEM excess we have access to every availability of qualified stock that is offered world-wide. We utilize our extensive database of approved suppliers to give us the edge in procuring the electronic components you need to finish your product. You no longer have to worry about a production stoppage due to lack of components. We enable you to forecast and build with no surprises.


Why EarthTron's Consignment Is The Best:

  • Sales team with 30 yrs combined experience
  • State of the art consignment program w/proven results
  • Marketing team to proactively promote excess & find end users
  • Earthtron home of EPIC: Excess Placement Inventory Control
  • Unique in-house software that cross-matches excess w/other companies requirement
  • Network reach of over 100,000 potential buyers 


EPIC (Excess Placement & Inventory Control)

Surplus electronic components supply chain management

With our extensive industry experience, the EPIC program, and vast database of worldwide OEM/CEM customers, EarthTron has the ability to get you the most for your excess inventory. 

  • EPIC cross-match system enables us to place your excess with the customers who value it most.

  • We can handle ALL of your needs from high-value returns to environmentally sound scrap recycling.

  • All our inventories are stored in our ESD compliant, environmentally controlled and secure facility.

  • We buy, consign, or "Hybrid" consign where you get cash up front while maintaining the higher returns achieved through a consignment agreement.

  • Whichever solution you choose with us, we will get you the highest return possible in the shortest time.


Are your excess electronics taking up valuable warehouse space? Use EarthTron's EPIC services to obtain the most for your electronic component surplus. Act now to receive the best value for your unused electronic components:




EarthTron LLC is an Unlimited Franchised Distributor of Electronic Components and Products. We provide customers with services not available from a restricted Franchised Distributor. Our experience in the industry gives you the confidence that we only source from quality suppliers, to deliver quality parts. EarthTron is located in Portsmouth, NH and specializes in FPGA and many other lines.

 Contact EarthTron LLC  
Call us: 1-800-322-2130
EarthTron, located in Portsmouth, NH, is an Inc.500|5000 company.



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