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Surplus Electronic Inventory Is a bit like a Pig

Posted by Justin Luce

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Oct 20, 2014 9:33:00 AM

Your excess electronic components are special to someone!

Lipstick or not, most people do not want or need a pig.  


 When it comes to selling your excess inventory it often feels like trying to sell your old car to a dealer. Nobody wants it! It can wear you down to constantly be told your valuable leftover stock is worth next to nothing. 

Typically when you solicit offers to buy your excess inventory list, depending on your audience, you get these responses:

  • Franchised Distributor:    "Sorry, can't help you"

  • Broker: "I will give you .01 on the dollar" or "We just want the top few line items of your electronic component surplus"

  • EBAY  and  Craigslist buyers: "Can we just buy one piece for now?" or "Will you allow our agent to pay you via PayPal?" (Scam)

Try to maximize the value on your own and you are made to deal with multiple entities, shipments, offers, terms, and risk. Even if you manage to squeeze out a slightly higher return by selling your surplus electronic inventory on your own, you may still be left with 80% of your inventory and an increase in time and resources on multiple quotes and shipments.

Free Inventory Appraisal

Because everybody loves bacon.



What is the profitable solution?

A consignment partner


   With a bona fide consignment partner you make one consolidated shipment to a professional electronic components marketing company that is highly efficient in getting the top return for your goods. Then let your problem of excess electronic components become a revenue stream for your company.


Sounds good, but what does that really mean?

   Ultimately, the end-user buying the goods will determine the value of your surplus inventory. Think about this: Speculative brokers know they are "betting" on the goods they buy. That is why they need to make a huge reward when they get lucky. They need to "steal" the parts to do well. An unlimited Franchised Distributor, like EarthTron LLC, who specializes in marketing electronic products knows how to maximize the value to the end-user, which brings a higher return to youHere is how we do that:

  • We fully vet and qualify all vendors and incoming stock and only accept verifiable factory original goods
  • All incoming product goes through a rigorous 52 point inspection to ensure product integrity
  • Product is received, packaged, and stored according to ISO protocol


    Once we know the product is Factory quality, that is when the magic begins. Ultimately, the highest value is achieved when we can match the right product to actual users of that product. That is no easy task and to do it we use the most powerful tool their is, the internet. Through the magic of SEO and inbound marketing we turn your "needle in the haystack"...

...into a   neon_sign   on a dark highway.

Here is an example, please click the hyperlink or google search this number representing your original part number:


   Do you see the top organic result? This part may mean nothing to you but if you were looking for it google would lead you right to our door. That is just one of the multiple ways that we maximize the value of your product, by ensuring and promoting it's integrity, marketing it properly, and getting in front of the people who value it most. That means that even a 50/50 consignment will still bring a much higher net return on your excess inventory than an outright blowout sale to a broker. 

By finding the companies that need your excess we are able to get them a great price while maximizing your return, often getting 5x -10x or more than you would otherwise get. Click below to get a free analysis of your inventory and to have one of our representatives consult with you on how to best market your goods. 






About EarthTron LLC:

EarthTron is an unlimited franchised distributor of electronic components. 

We specialize in both current electronic components and obsolete electronic components. EarthTron provides Supply Chain Solutions for Electronics Manufacturers worldwide. Our staff is comprised of seasoned professionals combining decades of experience from production floor management, software engineering, and supply chain expertise. EarthTron is an Inc 5000 Co. and was listed on the fastest-growing private U.S. companies in 2012.




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