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Five Reasons to use a Xilinx Ultrascale Device in your Next Build

Posted by Jason Miles

Jul 26, 2017 10:12:00 AM

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Image from the Ready Player One Wikia. The teaser trailer for the movie was released just a few days ago. The movie will be directed by Steven Spielberg and features a virtual reality called the Oasis. Imagine the technology that goes into enabling a virtual reality system that anyone with a headset and haptic gloves can log into!


Currently, the Xilinx Ultrascale line includes five different devices:

  • Kintex Ultrascale
  • Kintex Ultrascale+
  • Virtex Ultrascale
  • Virtex Ulrascale+
  • Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoCs


Ultrascale devices were designed to address the following market demands:


1) Next generation tech demands a tremendous increase in system bandwidth and processing capability.

The Ultrascale line was created to address this void. Ideal end-use applications include wired and wireless communications, and video and image processing.

2) Components were designed to meet a number of end-uses.

The Ultrascale FPGA can be easily repurposed to fulfill the needs of another high-end application. That's another advantage of using FPGA.

3) Components feature powerful and precise clock management.

The family's clock management circuitry includes clock synthesis, buffering and routing components which enable high-performance applications. The clock management is designed to minimize skew, power consumption, and any delays associated with clock signals.

4) Devices should have a high performance and predictable software run times.

The architecture reduces bottlenecks and hold-ups when it came to data processing.

5) All Ultrascale devices should have similar architectural footprints.

This means a lower-end Ultrascale device can be easily swapped out and replaced with a higher-end alternative, and there would only be the minimal board redesign.


The Zync Ultrascale+ SoC device was designed as an all-in-one solution to address complex data processing. Large data packets have to processed instantaneously, and in this situation, it is much easier to develop an entire system on a single chip.

The latest available technology requires a high performance to perform seamlessly. Processing and transferring image and video feeds require a high bandwidth and capability from available hardware. Plus all of these will be enabled through a 5G wireless network.

Already, there is a shift towards a system that supports interconnected devices. The Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous vehicle fleets, multiple drone teams, and virtual reality environments will be enabled through an interconnected system.

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