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FPGA Enables High Performance Cameras

Posted by Danielle Leger

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Oct 20, 2015 2:45:00 PM

HP Cameras built with FPGA are able to take pictures that any normal camera could not possibly capture.

A high-performance camera is used in situations where you want to determine the size of the object and/or the object is moving at extremely fast rates. For example, an HP camera can be used for surveillance and for license plate recognition by Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS). When you drive through the toll booth or a red light, the camera captures a picture of your fast-moving license plate, and you end up getting a ticket in the mail later.

The camera is able to capture the high-speed object clearly by using high definition CMOS image sensor technology. They have pre-processing capabilities to improve image quality but also to deliver the highest possible specifications in existing OEM implementations. These features require large, flexible processing in a small, power-efficient footprint, and FPGA are perfect to enable cameras with this kind of technology and features.

A list of FPGA applications that enable high-performance cameras:
Industrial image processing
Packaging and print inspection
Metrology and inspection system
Medical technology
Renewable energies
Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS)
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Examples of HP Cameras:

1. Velociraptor is the latest FPGA HP camera by Optomotive with an extremely high-speed imaging sensor. It has ultimate-performance system-on-chip (SOC) technology, along with advanced industrial imaging sensors.

FPGA Features in the Velociraptor:

• 15 Mgates Spartan-6LX with 2x128 MB DDR3 SDRAM
• Ultimate FPGA SOC
• Super speed FPGA image processing (JPEG)


2. Kintex-7 FPGA enable high-quality 4K video and image processing with the new 12G-SDI connectivity standard for Blackmagic's URSA camera.

Xilinx_Kintex_7_325TXilinx's All Programmable devices are enabling specific HP Cameras to develop complete 4K camera systems on a chip. These HP cameras use Xilinx Kintex-7 devices, offering industry-leading transceivers to implement the new 12G-SDI connectivity standard for 4K video output.


 Xilinx All Programmable technologies are used in numerous applications: video/vision applications, including industrial machine vision for inspection systems and robotics, ADAS and the road to autonomous vehicles, military visions systems, surveillance systems, and drones.

These applications use programmable hardware to ensure high-performance processing and image encoding. FPGA image processing reduces the computational resources required for image analysis. Because the FPGA is a hardware resource, it frees the CPU to perform other operations. Since FPGA are reprogrammable, they can be used to implement various actions within the same device. FPGA reduce cost and power consumption while improving the reliability of the system

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