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FPGA Powered Drones Flying In The Sky

Posted by Chloe Millar

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Mar 7, 2017 2:22:55 PM

Unlike traditional processors, FPGA (field programmable gate array) are able to handle demanding real-time processing capabilities used to control drone devices. Using FPGA in drones provides superior sensor capacity and performance.

In 2016, Aerotenna launched an OcPoc (Octagonal Pilot on Chip) flight controller for drones that run on an Altera Cyclone V FPGA SoC. Aerotenna describes OcPoc as a ready to fly control platform with a GPS, inertial measurement unit, barometer, and a camera. The octagonal OcPoc controller using Altera Cyclone V enables excellent sensing capabilities creating "smart" drones.

FPGA controls the image capture and processing systems that allow the drone to be located as well as determine the altitude in which it is flying. Because of their durability and performance, FPGA are the top choice for computing solutions. The flexibility of FPGA allows for hardware and software control implemented in the processor core.



Drones are used for numerous applications:
  • Aerial photography
  • News
  • Media
  • Cinema
  • Farming
  • Search and rescue
  • 3-D mapping
  • Hurricane hunting 

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FPGA programmability allows for easy implementation of high-performance logic circuits. FPGA are the best choice due to their performance, reliability, and system-cost advantages. 



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