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FPGAs Supporting Data Transactions and Network Security

Posted by John Pallazola

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Jul 7, 2017 8:33:00 AM

The risks to businesses from failing security policies and products make the investment in better security technologies more than being cost effectiveness, but an important necessity. The entire security product/software industry relies on a set of existing codes and threat models, without the vision or resources to develop new technologies, and without an evolved understanding of future threats. 
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Data Transaction and Network Security

High-speed routers, switches, and enterprise networks are some of the most highly targeted for malicious attacks. Although much network management infrastructure is migrating to Software Defined Networks (SDN), many of the high-speed search, sort, and security functions remain in or migrate to dedicated and programmable logic devices.

intel FPGAs provide programmable design solutions to accelerate network management, and security solutions for the data backbones of enterprise and infrastructure systems.


Reconfigurable Hardware as Alternative
Reconfigurable hardware such as FPGAs can offer significant advantages to network security appliances, plus offer all of the updatability and agility advantages of software through FPGA system on a chip (SoC) products, new design entry models such as Open Computing Language, and virtualization support in both the ARM Cortex-A9 and ARM Cortex-A53 hard processor subsystems.
This virtualization capability is leveraged for software-defined networking capabilities on FPGAs and programmable logic SoCs as well. The data bandwidths and speeds of reconfigurable hardware are a key security advantage. Hardware can enable the network to monitor all activity, while processor and software solutions may enable only partial monitoring until the parallelization model becomes too encumbering. By using reconfigurable hardware instead of dedicated fixed circuits, the necessary ability to update and patch products as new vulnerabilities are detected is maintained. Because the data processing path is reconfigurable, older hardware can be updated to support new and better security standards.


Hardware Advantage

Fewer data vulnerabilities: when designed correctly, FPGAs cannot be altered without detection. Tampering of hardware circuits and hardware anti-tamper features requires physical access to the hardware. It's also a key feature not available for software security solutions is fail-safe operation. Fail-safe designs ensure the operating parameters of the security product are within its operational boundaries. If the security product has a logical or physical error, such as failure of component, power supply surge, and unknown glitches, the product will fail to a safe state. This ensures the product does not continue operating in a defective state. Also, FPGA-based network products cannot be altered via a network connection or front door attack. If there is an attempt to alter the design, either the anti-tamper mechanisms or fail-safe design feature will detect and shut down the product.


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