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An Inbound Marketing Company's Strategy to Stay Fit

Posted by Danielle Leger

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Dec 11, 2014 11:36:00 AM

 "Can somebody please walk outside to get the mail?!?!"


(Or at least there used to be)

The Marketing crew glued to their blogs, purchasing group working on a shortages report. The Sales team deep in conversation, and deep in the bowels of the warehouse the shipping crew is stuck on the microscope and putting together large orders to ship out.

Summer came to an end and that pesky winter "padding" started to rear it's head. SOMETHING  had to be done. We needed a motivation to get off of our feet and move other than to go to the cafeteria to get a scooby snack. We needed the right form factor that would work for all of us, motivate us, and be viewable on each of our portable scoreboards (smartphones). After a little deliberation we came up with this: jawbone-up24-onyx-2-700x700 

     Our solution for improving office morale. After ordering one for everyone in the office they arrived a few days later and now we are all tracking and sharing our fitness routines with each other using the JawBone Up. It has spurred a friendly and fun competition with everyone in the office. Being part of a team motivates everyone to compete with each other to see who can get the most steps in a day! 


What is the Jawbone UP?

Also known as wearables and fitness trackers - It is the wrist worn activity tracker aiming to whip you into shape whether that's pushing you to do more exercise, eat healthier food or get a good night's sleep. The JawBone syncs to your iOS or Andriod smartphone. It tracks your sleep, steps and food! The battery lasts about 7-10 days, and recharges using a usb cord connected to your computer.


With all of us participating, it has brought some fun competition into our daily routine and boosted office morale. It's inspiring to get up and move when you can compete with others to see who can be the daily victor!


Team EarthTron: On The Move!

























IMG_7349_(2)-1       Inspiring!      




The JawBone Leaderboard at EarthTron:
7 Day Total Steps:


Quotes From Around The Office:


"The Up band has inspired me to get back into a daily routine of fitness. It’s fun to see how others on my team are doing and it has become a bit competitive and fun to try and out-step everyone else in the office!"


"For me, the best part about JawBone UP is that I can track my sleep. I am able to track my sleep patterns. I know when I fell asleep, and I have an overview of my light and heavy sleep patterns. It also sends me a reminder when I've been sitting at my desk for too long, so I know that it's time to get up and stretch."


"JawBone UP24 has motivated me with the "team" mentality again. It has brought some fun competition back into my daily routine! Victory has always been a great motivator! In our office, we give each other the right amount of optimistic comments that get me fired up to take my exercise routine to the next level! No excuses left when wearing the JawBone24!"


“Being a student at the University of New Hampshire as well as an intern at EarthTron I try to get as much exercise as I can even with my busy schedule. I love my new JawboneUP band because I get to see how many steps I take throughout the day on campus. Also, with the friendly competition in the office, my JawboneUP band has motivated me to take that trip to gym to try and “out-step” my co-workers. It also helps track my sleep, which is very useful still being a college student, and sleep is often limited.”


"The transition from being a college student and walking everywhere, to having a desk job has changed my daily fitness routine greatly. I don't walk as much anymore since moving off campus. The JawBoneUP has started motivating me to get back into a work out routine and to get UP and keep moving! I am usually not a competitive person but being apart of the office team has been really fun! I enjoy the friendly race between my co-workers and myself."

EarhTron is an unlimited franchised distributor of electronic components. We are also moving in the direction of becoming an inbound marketing company. This if a suggestion for anyone looking around for office morale ideas.

Team EarthTron!IMG_0517-1

This experience has been positive and motivating. Especially during the Holidays, we tend to forget to take care of ourselves. This is a great way to motivate yourself and others in your life to get up and be active!


Put all of this energy to work for you!
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