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FPGAs Enable Automotive Systems

Posted by Danielle Leger

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Jul 28, 2015 10:45:54 AM


Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) are programmable devices with the ability to update the functionality after manufacturing. FPGA offer several advantages, such as re-programming and debugging for many applications which allows for rapid prototyping. 

FPGA provide higher density and performance than alternative programmable-logic devices, allowing them to implement more functions, and are more cost-effective than alternative options. 

FPGA technology continues to emerge in new markets and serve as the hub of electronics systems. For example, FPGA uses in the automotive industry are expected to drive market growth. Hybrid and Electric Vehicles are becoming more popular and this is expected to drive the FPGA market as well.

Technology is ever evolving and changing. Imagine letting go of the steering wheel and letting the car park itself. Self-driving and assisted-driving cars are here to stay and many of these automotive applications rely on FPGA technology.

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FPGA Automotive Functions:

1. Lane Departure Warning: Camera sensor interface and lane marking detection

2. Intelligent Headlight Control: Camera sensor interface, headlight detection algorithm

3. Adaptive Cruise Control: Radar sensor interface

4. Rear View Camera: Image stitching, image analytics, video data transmission

5. Park Aid: Ultrasonic and camera sensor interface, parking algorithm


Because FPGAs are programmable, automotive companies can implement late design changes without significant time to market changes. FPGA chips are becoming an important and viable part of automotive safety systems since there is an increasing need for advanced driver assistance systems to be a flexible and dependable platform.

The automotive industry is only part of the lengthy list of FPGA applications out there. Check out some other cool FPGA applications here


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