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Maximize ROI with EarthTron's Superior Marketing & Consignment Program

Posted by Rory Carvalho

Sep 16, 2015 2:56:00 PM

    Ever looked through your inventory and noticed dust collecting on your excess components? Yikes- If you fall into this category, it's time clean out your inventory and make money by selling your excess electronics.

   Let Earthtron be your consignment partner; we'll inventory, warehouse, market, and sell your excessWe use a combination of traditional and inbound marketing to promote your excess inventory. Through the magic of SEO and inbound marketing techniques, we can match the right product to actual users of that product. 

    While many companies are tempted to do an outright sale of stock as opposed to consigning, there is a much higher ROI with consignment. The reason for that is simple; Brokers bid an average of 2-3 % of current market value when speculating on a bid list. Consignment typically returns 10x - 20x that amount!

    Check out this infographic to see how we promote our excess stock through electronic surplus consignment.

Earthtron Consignment


Want to see it in action? 

   Take a look at this Xilinx FPGA, XCV50-6TQG144C in Google. This Xilinx Virtex XCV50-6TQG144C FPGA is now obsolete so its value in the open market will increase. Notice how we're the only company with pictures and CoC. We rank in the top results of the first page of Google and are the only search results with Thumbnails. Ranking through pictures and thumbnails is part of the inbound marketing strategy.  

    This is just one of the ways we maximize the value of your product, by ensuring and promoting its integrity, marketing it efficiently, and getting in front of the people who value it most. 

    Check out Earthtron's unique Excess Placement Inventory Control program.   

    Click below to get a free analysis of your inventory and to have one of our representatives consult with you on how to best market your goods. 

Place Excess on  Consignment


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