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Trimble In-Vehicle Navigation to Guide Drivers in the Right Direction

Posted by Rory Carvalho

Aug 14, 2015 1:29:00 PM

   Trimble GPS Mapping Technology

    It doesn't matter where you're going - sometimes you're going to need a little help getting there.

    Industries with employees on the road need ways to track, route, schedule and communicate. Trimble has the solutions for automobile manufacturers; their applications include real-time GPS tracking, scheduling, dispatch, field and back-office processing, and analytics to help deliver high-quality service.

Trimble in-vehicle navigation Save on Trimble Parts

   Trimble products for in-vehicle navigation and telematics range from chip-sets to antennas. Their products are known for their high-performance, low power use and high dependability in extreme conditions. 

  1. Trimble's GPS modules include the Trimble Aardvark DR+GPS. This combines dead reckoning (DR) and GPS to produce accurate and immediate mapping positions - even in areas with limited GPS signals.
  2. The Trimble OEM GPS Antennas are active GPS antennas to accompany GPS receivers with internal noise amplifiers that provide precise performance in extreme conditions. Antennas come in three form factors: the Magnetic Mount Antenna, Bulkhead Antenna and Unpackaged Antenna with different voltage and mounting options.   
  3. The Trimble Condor family of GPS modules represents the smart alternative to GPS chipsets for many positioning applications. It comes in multiple form factors and combines the highest production quality standards and top-tier positioning performance. 
  4. The Trimble Buffalo GNSS receiver with a B1919 module features powerful positioning performance. The Buffalo GNSS module enables innovative products to market faster.

    Telematics technology is continuing to evolve as smart cars begin to make their way on the road. Some smart car applications include in-vehicle tracking, satellite navigation, and wireless vehicle communication. Along with Trimble in-vehicle navigation technology, some of these smart car applications rely on FPGA because of their ability to update functionality post-manufacture. 

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