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Hybrid Consignment Will Get Premium ROI For An Electronic Surplus

Posted by Justin Luce

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Oct 31, 2014 10:22:00 AM




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Hybrid consignment has been linked to several definitions varying from simple electronic surplus consignment; for all intents and purposes, we'll describe the highlights of what the word "hybrid" brings to this equation.

   We all want the premium return on investment (ROI) for any surplus electronic inventory. Well, in order to realize this goal, teaming up with an unlimited franchised distributor is paramount. Some distributors will offer services above and beyond consignment in order to add value to that surplus.


How can surplus value be maximized?

   - Put the job of selling these Electronic components in the hands of a qualified distributor. Find an unlimited franchised distributor that has customers searching for your surplus, not the other way around! We take your leftovers or mistakes and through our proprietary processes we optimize the value by reverifying authenticity, properly packaging and storing the items, and intelligently market your prso that each part gets in front of the people that are actually in need of it. It's as easy as getting my brothers and I to the dinner table growing up...we could always pick up that scent and immediately come running...and we knew the dining room was a "constant".


   Much like our stampede to the dinner table, so happens with companies locally and worldwide! If one of these companies were to google search the part needed, typically Earthtron, LLC will come up as the initial result or "constant". Try it for yourself with the following part number...


               xc4036xla-9bg352c ...and there's the table!


 Another ROI maximizing practice?

   - Use a trusted distributor with proven safe shipping and handling procedures. With a 52 point inspection on every component that comes through our warehouse, Earthtron, LLC carefully reviews and tests for quality assurance and authentic OEM specifications. Click the following link for a detailed description of our inspection process





Tax season is rapidly approaching! One of the greatest benefits of a hybrid consignment is the ability to immediately reduce your taxable income while maintaining the ability to recoup maximum value for it over time.  You immediately free up warehouse or floor space, get the tax benefit for this year, and continue to get maximum return over time.  Hybrid consignment is a powerful way to maximize ROI of excess electronic inventory. With the right unlimited franchised distributor, your ROI will reach unexpected highs due to their diligence, standards, and connections.

 Make the task of finding your surplus parts up to the distributor, while your company simple reaps the returns!

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About EarthTron LLC

As an unlimited franchised distributor of electronics, EarthTron continues to expand the use of the word
“unlimited.” EarthTron consists of three specialized divisions:

Electronics supply chain management
FPGABuy, which focuses on Altera and Xilinx Distribution
Marketing and distribution of franchised lines

EarthTron, located in Portsmouth, NH, is an Inc.500|500company.

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