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Keep Watch over your Child with a GPS Tracking Device for Kids

Posted by Nadeesha Thewarapperuma

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Sep 14, 2015 4:47:08 PM


     The start of the school year brings a fresh set of worries for every parent or guardian. For the next nine months, your child is in school for the better part of the day. Now there are tracking devices for kids, allowing parents and kids to stay connected during the day.

     These are the hereO GPS watch, the Filip watch, and the AngelSense tracker.

     The hereO GPS watch will be available next April (through iOS devices) and next June (for Android devices). The watch includes GPS tracking, a cellular triangulation feature that is powered by Wyless. The watch is water-resistant and can hold a battery charge of 24 hours up to 72 hours. Parents can build safe zones for their child (such as school or a park), and if the child leaves the safe zone, a notification is sent to the parent. The watch also has a panic option that can be pressed during an emergency.

     A similar watch is the Filip watch. Filip is already available for purchase either online or through an AT&T store.

     AngelSense is a device that's targeted for children with special needs. The device collects information about the child's behavioral patterns. Any changes or deviations are noted and the parent will receive an immediate alert. The device has a 'Listen-In' mode and allows the parent to tune into their child's environment at a given time. The 'Chronicle the Day' feature captures pictures of every location the child has been at, and the parent can assess the environment to determine if it is a safe place or not. If the child deviates away from a set routine, AngelSense can also predict their path and destination, and given the parent's location, their time to this destination. AngelSense include a magnetic pin, meaning the device can only be removed with someone who has the corresponding tool.

     With a GPS tracking device for kids, parents can keep track of their child's activities via real-time updates.



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