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Desperately Seeking Electronic Component Surplus

Posted by Advanced MP Technology

Apr 18, 2018 8:01:00 AM

Looking For Surplus on the Following Part Numbers:
We are looking for the following surplus electronic components:
PC28F640J3F75A: Nor Flash Memory is often used in networking, telecommunications, digital set top boxes, audio recording, and digital imaging.
MT47H512M8WTR-25E:C: Micron DDR2 SDRAM is often used in embedded systems which use FPGA. DDR SDRAM supports data transfers on both edges of each clock cycle, meaning that the memory chips's data throughput is doubled. It consumes less power and are well-suited for notebook computers.
PC28F256P30TFE / PC28F256P30BFE / PC28F256P30BFA & PC28F256P30BFB: Micron Parallel NOR Flash memory benefits include more density in less space, high-speed interface device, and support for code and data storage. Features include high-performance synchronous-burst read mode, fast asynchronous access times, low power and flexible security options.
Only factory original product. 

We need up to 1,000 pieces.
OEMs, CMs, and EMS with any surplus inventory on this item or any other memory, MLCC, or active components should contact JohnP@AdvancedMP.com
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