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Managing Excess Last Time Buy Electronic Components

Posted by Nadeesha Thewarapperuma

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Jun 24, 2015 12:07:27 PM

xilinx_xc2v1500-4fg676c     Since electronic components have shorter and shorter lifespans, Last Time Buys (LTB) are starting to become more prevalent. If the OEM or CM is dependent on the soon to be obsolete electronic component then they need to prepare for its obsolescence.

     The manufacturer sends out a LTB notification, asking the client to estimate the quantity needed of the soon to be obsolete electronic components. This is not an easy estimate, and as a precaution, most companies over estimate, leading to an expensive inventory purchase. Often times, the OEM or CM buys more than is needed and struggle to manage the excess inventory.

     Do you have surplus electronic components? Explore some excess management options.

     This is not the worst-case scenario. A far worse outcome is to realize that a desperately needed component is now obsolete. At this point, the OEM or CM must rely on an obsolete component distributor to make a purchase.

     Are you buying obsolete electronic components? Here are four tips to keep in mind.

XC2V1500-4FG676C_obsolete     At this time, EarthTron has excess stock of XC2V1500-4FG676C.

     An EOL notice has already been issued, stating that there is no direct replacement for the Xilinx FPGA. EarthTron is currently working with an OEM that has excess of this component. We have 3,555 pieces available at $98 each. Volume discounts are available on higher quantities.


Manufacturer:        Xilinx

Part number:         XC2V1500-4FG676C

Description:          FPGA Virtex II

Quantity in stock:  3,555

Date code:             1509

Pricing:                 $98/pc

Factory-sealed, in original Xilinx packaging

Certificate of conformance included.

Special Pricing On:  XC2V1500-4FG676C


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Special Pricing On:  XC2V1500-4FG676C