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Micron DDR SDRAM and Toshiba Flash now Available Through EarthTron

Posted by Nadeesha Thewarapperuma

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Dec 16, 2014 3:35:00 PM

     electronic_component     An investment in a new piece of machinery is a costly business. Even before your intitial cost is realized, a newer, better version of the machine will become available.

     OEMs choose to stick with older machinery in an effort to realize the sunk cost. This has some drawbacks. When there's a line down, engineers and purchasing agents are faced with the task of finding a replacement part. For obsolete electronic components and components with limited stock, OEMs must choose between two options: pay a high price or find a suitable alternative.

     DDR SDRAM is one class of memory ICs. The DDR1 SDRAM has been replaced by newer versions, the DDR2 SDRAM and the DDR3 SDRAM. Neither part is forward or backward compatiable, meaning that the newer parts cannot be used in place of the older component and vice versa.

     Currently, EarthTron has several Micron Technology DDR SDRAM pieces available for sale:


     Manufacturer: Micron Technology

     Part Number: MT46V64M16TG-6T:A

      Description: 1Gb Density

    Operating Temperature 0C to +70C

    For part specifications, click here

    Quantity in stock: 5K pieces, 1K per reel

     Condition: 12+ DC

     Orignal factory sealed


     DDR SDRAM supports data transfers on both edges of each clock cycle, meaning that the memory chips's data throughput is doubled. It consumes less power and are well-suited for notebook computers.


     This post is a part of EarthTron's hot_offer_electronic_component_earthtron marketing efforts. hot_offer_electronic_component_earthtron are electronic components that have just become available at attractive prices. Favorite and check back for other offers and updates.

     Also available through EarthTron are the following Toshiba Flash electronic parts:


1) TH58NVG4S0ETA20

SLC,2GB,2CE,4K Page,0~+70℃


SLC,2GB,2CE,4K Page,-40~+85C


SLC,4GB,2CE,4K Page,-40~+85℃

4) TH58NVG5S0ETA20

SLC,4GB,2CE,4K Page,0~+70℃

5) TH58TEG8T2JTA20

TLC, 256Gb,2CE,9K Page,0~+70

6) MT47H512M8PHM-3IT:A

Now obsolete.

Military grade, ROHS non-compliant


     To talk to a representative, click here:


     Or if you would rather submit a RFQ, click here.


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