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Micron In Stock and Ships Today: MT47H512M8WTR-25E:C

Posted by John Pallazola

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Aug 9, 2017 9:35:00 AM

Parts In Stock
Manufacturer: Micron
Part Number: MT47H512M8WTR-25E:C
Quantity: 145 pieces in stock
Description: DDR2 SDRAM Memory IC 4Gb (512M x 8) Parallel 400ps 63-FBGA (9x11.5)
 MT47H512M8WTR-25E-C 002.jpgMT47H512M8WTR-25E-C 005.jpg
Manufacturer: Micron
Part Number: MT48LC8M8A2TG-75 
Quantity: 146 pieces in stock
Description: Micron SDRAM Memory IC 64Mb (8M x 8) Parallel 5.4ns 54-TSOP II
 SO 107561 002.jpgSO 107561 001.jpg




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EarthTron LLC is an Unlimited Franchised Distributor of Electronic Components and Products. We provide customers with services not available from a restricted Franchised Distributor. Our experience in the industry gives you the confidence that we only source from quality suppliers, to deliver quality parts. EarthTron is located in Portsmouth, NH and specializes in FPGA and many other lines.

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