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Wearable Sensors to Let Fans Feel the Full Impact of Football Tackles

Posted by Nadeesha Thewarapperuma

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Jul 13, 2015 12:57:00 PM

wearable_sensors-10     Wearable Experiences (We:eX) will take the meaning of the word 'fan' to a whole new level by introducing a jersey equipped with wearable technologies that makes you really feel what your favorite player is going through. Did they just get tackled by the opposition? With the use of body sensors, now you can feel the impact of that action.

    The next generation of wearable sensors will enable fans to feel other emotions such as:

2) Excitement

3) Adrenaline

4) Exhaustion

5) Heartbeat


     The emotions and actions of the game will be transmitted to the fan's jersey through haptic feedback motors. The connection is powered by a bluetooth low energy (BLE) communicator. The data is then converted into powerful sensations that allows the fan to really be a part of the game.

     Haptic technology is used to recreate certain senses by applying force, vibration, and motions. It is also used in video game applications, particularly anything to do with racing. Did you just crash your car? Haptic technology is behind the vibrations that are coming out of your steering wheel.

     The Dutch Ladies 7's team has already trialed the shirt, and fans and athletes both got to experience the sensation of wearing the shirt during the game.

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