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Real Time Pedestrian Detection Using an Infrared Camera with a FPGA

Posted by Chloe Millar

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Mar 16, 2017 9:37:00 AM

Pedestrians are the most exposed and unprotected users on the road. Millions of vehicles drive in inclement weather, dense traffic, poor lighting, and other conditons which create distractions and cause safety issues. These factors restrict the visibility of drivers and greatly increases the risk to pedestrians. Human error is one of biggest causes of accidents, and now with semi-autonomous vehicles hitting the streets these risks have grown.


With the use of pedestrian detection systems using infrared technology, some of these risks are reduced. Creating an added sense of awareness to drivers, these Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) with infrared sensors in real-time will detect pedestrians, reducing accidents and saving lives. 

Infrared cameras have the ability to view an environment with poor light conditions during the day and night. Filtering living beings is easier with thermal cameras that create a contrast between the object and background. The processing unit with the thermal infrared camera detects pedestrians and renders information such as where they are located, their height, and width. Using a Bluetooth module, the information is transmitted wirelessly. This type of data communication provides remote control of the system.

The ADAS is powered by an Intel Atom Central Processing Unit (CPU) and an Altera Arria Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). The algorithm alused to detect pedestrians is processed between both the FPGA and CPU to ensure real-time accuracy.Search for FPGA

Because of their durability and performance, FPGA are the top choice for computing solutions. The flexibility of FPGA allows for hardware and software control implemented in the processor core. FPGA programmability allows for easy implementation of high-performance logic circuits. FPGA are the best choice due to their performance, reliability, and system-cost advantages.


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