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[Excess Request] 50K Pieces of Sandisk SDSDQAB-016G

Posted by Nadeesha Thewarapperuma

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Feb 16, 2016 10:53:00 AM

Excess Request:

EarthTron is currently looking for surplus Sandisk Micro SD SDSDQAB-016G.

Send your quote to jason.miles@earthtron.com. Please provide a quote for quantities 5K, 25K, and 50K. Be sure to include date code and traceabilitywith your quote.

We are also looking for 300 to 500 pieces of 512 MB Sandisk SDCFJ-512-388. Again, please email jason.miles@earthtron.com with your offer.


Excess Offer:

Part Number: SDSDQ-2048

Description: 2GB Micro SD Sandisk

Price: $2.99

We currently have 120,000 on hand.

The parts are new and in original manufacturer's pkg. They are bulk packaging of 1200 pieces per box.  We can only sell the complete 1200 piece packages.

Click for RFQ on SDSDQ-2048






These cards can be used to store media-rich files, including photos, videos, charts, data, and music. They are perfect for handheld mobile devices. The 2 GB Sandisk MicroSD Cards are obsolete and no longer available through Sandisk, however, many legacy devices require this density to operate properly. 

Check out our other blog post on these parts.


Excess Offer:

Part Number: 5502 pieces of S212SFQSR-C1047-B. There are 960 pieces per box.

960 pieces of SD128HSSD-S2000-B. There are 100 pieces per box.


Description:  SD128HSSD-S2000-B contains the same part as S212SFQSR-C1047-B but also includes a receptacle. 





If you have any excess on MicroSD or CompactFlash, let us know. We'd be happy to appraise the stock. We are also a great source for discount MicroSd. Contact us with any requirements.

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