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The 5 Headaches of Warehousing and Kitting your Electronic Components

Posted by Danielle Leger

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Oct 15, 2014 1:10:00 PM

messy-warehouseAre you responsible for the electronic component purchasing at your company? Do you ever have problems finding quality parts, from one Franchised Distributor? Every OEM will face a supply chain disruption of some sort. Some of the most common headaches include:


  • Shortages. Whether it's a huge last minute sale or your regular supplier letting you know parts just went on allocation, when shortages cause you to have a line down it really puts the spotlight on you.


  • Limited storage space. If you find you are using broom closets, back rooms, and other "improvised" storage areas to temporarily store your raw components be aware. Porta potties are not ESD or ISO compliant!


  • High costs. While it is convenient to just click and add to your cart from a Franchised Disti you rarely get a discount or a bargain, especially at low to regular quantities.


  • Quality parts. Stepping out of the shadow of the regular supply chain and verifying the authenticity of new vendors and parts is time consuming and daunting.


  • Multiple suppliers. In order to complete your BOM, you often need to submit separate POs to multiple suppliers. Since Franchised Distributors are limited to the manufacturers they sell the process is frustrating, time consuming, and given the shipping costs, rather expensive.


     It can be frustrating, not being able to find all the parts you need in one place. We give you the convenience of only having to go to one company for ALL of your electronic component needs. This saves you the time of having to contact multiple companies for every part that you need. Our experience in the industry gives you the confidence that we only source from quality suppliers, to deliver quality parts.  






One of EarthTron's major strengths, our Kitting services department will put together your kits and ship them to your manufacturing facility. We will alert you to any extended lead-times, RoHS changes, EOL notices or other potential interruptions to your supply chain.

 One solution is to source your BOM through an unlimited franchised distributor. By placing your trust in an unlimited franchised distributor, you gain several advantages:

  1. An unlimited franchised distributor (UFD) is franchised for many manufacturers but not limited to selling just those. You are able to source your entire Bill of Materials through an UFD. They value their reputation. Any parts that are sourced or supplied will undergo rigorous scrutiny. 

  2. An unlimited franchised distributor should have certain credentials, including an ERAI membership.





Supply Chain Support- Shortages/Cost Savings

EarthTron helps buyers source parts that are allocated, discontinued or unavailable due to long lead times, while offering the following: 

  • Shortages: If there is a qualified part available anywhere in the world that is in our stock, consigned, or otherwise offered, we will have access to it. In addition to our owned inventory, consignment, and virtual OEM excess we have access to every availability of qualified stock that is offered world-wide. We utilize our extensive database of approved suppliers to give us the edge in procuring the components you need to finish your product. You no longer have to worry about a production stoppage due to lack of components, enabling you to forecast and build with no surprises.

  • Quality control: All Inventory is Bar-coded, photographed, and stored in our database. We have strict buying and receiving guidelines that enable us to filter out sub-standard product and prevent it from contaminating your supply chain.

  • Cost Savings: EarthTron does all of this at no cost to you while often offering you a cost savings off of the standard Franchised Distribution pricing.

 Save on your BOM


barcode-1Compliance, Tracking, and Recording

EarthTron offers a stable, predictable, and reliable solution to Inventory Control challenges. As of March 2008, every part that enters EarthTron's VMI or stocking warehouse has been bar-coded and a representative photograph of each lot will be stored in our database along with the receiving info. These processes increase reliability and put us on the leading edge in these areas.






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