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Hot NAND Flash Offer NAND512W3A2SN6E

Posted by Advanced MP Technology

May 4, 2018 10:23:20 AM

Micron NAND Flash Memory From Advanced MP Technology
This Micron SLC NAND memory is available in excess. 

Manufacturer: Micron Technology

Part number: NAND512W3A2SN6E

Quantity Resale
5,000 $6.15 USD

$5.95 USD

DateCode: 2017+

Delivery:  2 weeks

Description: IC FLASH 512MBIT 48TSOP

FLASH - NAND Memory IC 512Mb (64M x 8) Parallel 50ns 48-TSOP


The NAND512W3A2SN6E NAND Flash is a of non-volatile Flash memory that uses the single level cell (SLC) NAND technology. The device have a density of 512 Mbits and operate with either a 1.8 or 3 V voltage supply. 

All parts factory sealed with traceability.
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Ransomware Attack on Toshiba Halts Production of NAND Flash

Posted by John Pallazola

Oct 19, 2017 1:15:00 PM

Ransomware attacks forced Toshiba to cease NAND flash memory production, costing the business the equivalent of 400,000TB in SSD storage. Toshiba downed tools for about six weeks following the attack. After that happened, the production loss could trigger a NAND supply crisis.
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