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Trimble Connected Farm to Boost Livestock Wireless Connectivity

Posted by Rory Carvalho

Aug 3, 2015 10:24:00 AM

    Trimble has designed a solution to deliver wireless connectivity to their systems by connecting agriculture with a data platform, resulting in the "connected farm". Trimble connected farm is a cloud-based solution that enables customers to manage a mixed fleet of vehicles and implement a variety of applications.  


    With the connected farm, customers have one central point to monitor farm operations. Customizable widgets including information about weather, commodity prices, and scouting maps, are available to monitor future decision making from the office to the field. Trimble designed this technology to deliver a streamline approach to farm management while simplifying the cultivator's ability to operate live machine data on a single user interface. 


    Why a Connected Farm? It offers an efficient approach to visiting the field. The dashboard connects the field to the office and allows you to collect, share and manage data real-time. Its platform has features for the farmer, adviser and the fleet manger so they can collaborate together through the cloud. 


Some features of the Connected Farm:

  1. Precipitation Monitor: Check accumulated rainfall and view a graph of rainfall activity. 

  2. Field tasks: View yield data and variety maps instantly.

  3. Soil Information System (SIS): Soil mapping technology that uses sensors, intelligent targeting and geo-processing algorithms to produce high resolution, accurate soil and topographic information.

  4. Irrigation Monitor and Control: Use the Irrigate-IQ irrigation solution to track water, fertigation, or drainage applications.

  5. PurePixel Vegetation Health: Utilize calibrated PurePixel maps to compare crop health from different time periods. 

  6. Fleet Positions and Alerts: View real-time positions and alert mixed fleets using the Trimble Fleet Management solution.


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Find a Trimble Part  About Trimble

Trimble designs technology to make labor-intense tasks more productive. They are in the business of creating solutions for applications requiring position or location - including surveying, construction, agriculture, fleet and asset management, public safety and mapping. Trimble agriculture solutions cover all seasons, crops, terrains, and farm sizes, as well as water solutions for irrigation, drainage and land leveling. Interested in learning more about Trimble products? Check out Trimble GPS Mapping Technology used in CreteArchaeologists make use of smart antennas like the Trimble Bullet™ GPS, designed to withstand outdoor conditions. 

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