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Trimble Mapping Technology Used by Archaeologists in Crete

Posted by Nadeesha Thewarapperuma

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Jul 22, 2014 12:13:00 PM

trimble product mapping technology     In Crete, a team of archaeologists are using a 3D laser scanner to capture the features of a long-forgotten city – home to an ancient civilization known as the Minoans. By automating the process, researchers are able to better capture the terrain and prevent measuring mistakes. In Laos, image analysis technology was used to capture areas of deforestation. The work was critical, since the forests are home to one of the last Indochina tiger populations. Trimble products were used in both projects.

     Founded in 1978, Trimble, the mapping technology giant, offers GPS positioning and cellular communications products to automate services. While they aren’t necessarily a household name, you may have seen their products in use. For instance, Caterpillar uses Trimble’s products to monitor their fleet, allowing their users to keep track of fuel consumption, maintenance, productivity and availability. However, when their products are applied to a unique setting – as in Crete or Laos – it can certainly leave you with a sense of wonderment.Specialized Trimble parts are not produced in high volume, and it can be challenging to find reliable sources for them. Earthtron is proud to be an independent distributor of Trimble parts. 
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     That’s because Trimble products are designed with their customers in mind. The parts take up minimal space – the Resolution SMTx Embedded GPS Timing Board is the size of a postage stamp but is used to process high-volume data. They are designed for durability and cost-effectiveness. The Trimble Bullet™ GG, the Trimble Bullet™ GPS, and the Trimble Acutime™ GG Smart Antenna – smart antennas – are designed to withstand outdoor conditions. The Acutime™ GG Smart Antenna requires less than 1 Watt for operation. The Trimble antennas can be used for timing and network synchronization needs. Finally, Trimble products are reliable. The Thunderbolt™ E GPS Disciplined Clock allows for the synchronization of multiple receiver signals, ideally suited for applications in the wireless industry. pic     If you are having a Trimble shortage or have trouble finding Trimble parts, be sure to check out Earthtron’s Part Library and request a quote. Earthtron is an Inc. 5000 company named to the fastest growing companies list in 2012. 

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