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Managing Component Obsolescence in Medical Devices

Posted by Advanced MP Technology

May 10, 2018 9:37:51 AM


Managing Component Obsolescence in Medical Devices 

Medical devices are known to have an extremely long product lifecycle, lasting in excess of a decade in comparison to many consumer devices which have an average lifecycle of approximately 18 months. This causes many issues in the components within the medical device field, as majority of electronic components have life cycles shorter than the life cycle of the end product itself. The extended product lifecycle of most medical devices is primarily due to the high costs, long development times, or time-consuming and costly qualification and certification cycles associated with the new product development.


Medical technology OEMs must focus on maintaining devices rather than replacing them. Therefore, being able to pinpoint where and when issues may arise during a device’s lifespan is vital. Planned obsolescence management does not mean a company plans to fail. Working with qualified component providers who has experience in helping manage future obsolescence will allow medical device OEMS to focus on developing new technology rather than investing valuable resources to overcome components obsolescence challenges.


Medical device components facing obsolescence in today’s market includes, but is not limited to, parts such as EPCS4SI8N, XC2S300E-7FGG456C, MT48H16M32LFB5-6 IT:C and PC28F256P30BFE. With obsolete parts being a major concern within the medical industry, this opens the doors for substandard parts to enter the supply chain. Advanced MP Technology has invested in established full-service global fulfillment centers with a detailed inspection process operated by highly trained and IDEA-ICE-3000 certified quality assurance staff. All products purchased through Advanced MP Technology are thoroughly inspected to follow best practices for counterfeit avoidance, providing support to the high-reliability sector.


Additionally, Advanced MP Technology has the expertise, highly qualified resources and a proven track record for sourcing obsolete and end of life products, facilitating multi-year purchases, and offering life cycle assessment support for the preemptive planning of at-risk components. AMPT’s team of skilled Product Specialists utilize a coordinated sourcing process, utilizing viable supply partners to provide prompt responses to critical supply chain needs.


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With 40 years in the industry, Advanced MP Technology understands the potential impact of new applications on the global electronic component market. By following the technology trend closely, Advanced MP Technology ensures that we stay in front of the industry curve to provide our customers the best support they need at any time. 

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