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Your Best Resource for Avoiding Unnecessary Tariffs [3 Key Reasons]

Posted by John Pallazola

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Aug 28, 2018 3:23:44 PM

On July 6, 2018 USTR imposed tariffs to a variety of commodities manufactured in China and this has and will continue to impact the electronic component industry.
The USTR released additional HTS codes on Chinese imported good, effective Thursday August 23, 2018.
July 6th, 2018 list: Here 
August 23, 2018: Additional 
The tariff ONLY applies to commodities that meet ALL the following criteria:
1. Country of Origin (COO) is China (Taiwan or Hong Kong are excluded)
2. Harmonized Code(s) is contained in the above lists.
Advanced MP (AMPT) will update pricing when needed to reflect tariff costs on affected part numbers. All pricing quoted may be subject to said tariff, if the products meet the conditions noted above.
Potential Options for Consideration
  • Shipping into a bonded warehouse location: Please discuss with your account manager if you have a bonded warehouse for future shipments.
  • Empowered by our global footprint and certified warehouses in the APAC and EMEA regions AMPT has the ability to source parts anywhere outside of the US and ship directly to your non-US locations without first bringing parts into the US, thereby avoiding unnecessary tariffs. US distributors without overseas logistics points often blindly "drop-ship" parts from overseas that they have not even seen or inspected.
  • Exclusions can be requested: Here 
3 Reasons AMPT is Your Best Resource for Avoiding Unnecessary Tariffs
  1. AMPT can ship directly from our Hong Kong or Hungary warehouse to any facility outside the US.
  2. Work with your AMPT account rep to plan a bonded shipment for parts just passing through the US to be assembled outside the US.
  3. We can utilize our 50 buyers to locate stock not having COO China and offer alternative parts free of duties.
Click the button below for a free consultation on how to avoid paying any unnecessary tariffs on electronic components
Free Consultation
AMPT understands the impact that these tariffs have on our customers and the industry. We remain fully committed to working with our customers to minimize any negative financial impact.
Here is a statement from Advanced MP Technology's Chief Executive Officer, Homey Shorooghi.
With 40 years in the industry, Advanced MP Technology understands the potential impact of new applications on the global electronic component market. By following the technology trend closely, Advanced MP Technology ensures that we stay in front of the industry curve to provide our customers the best support they need at any time.   

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